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Who Is Dustin Hyle?Dustin Hyle

I took an interest in technology very early in life. Constantly tearing apart and (upgrading) my parents computer. When I was in middle school, my grandparents gave me my first computer. At that time AOL was hot and I got my first taste of the internet.

One of my friends showed this website call Tripod where I could have my own website and piece of the internet. I quickly learned html and built a site about radio controlled cars. Throughout high school I continued to build various websites.

When it was time to “get a real job” I went into IT. Over the past decade I have worked in IT doing just about every type of job out there and working my way up with some of the biggest names.

My interest stayed online though and on the side I continued to build my skills there. I got into affiliate marketing making commissions off selling products online for large companies. At the same time I would buy domain names and flip them for a much higher price. When the economy crashed I decided to quit those ventures as it became harder to be an affiliate low tier and sell domains when marketing budgets were shrinking.

A friend told me about his great success on eBay and I thought I can do that. So I did and became a Top Rated Power Seller in no time. My free time turned into packing and going to the post office daily. After two very successful years one of the products I was selling devalued through the floor. I decided to liquidate that product to just cut my losses. In the process the manufacture threatened eBay because I was selling too much at a low value and they banned my account.

All the time I was doing these online ventures people consistently asked for help with their own businesses. So after my small eBay empire came crashing down, I decided to start helping others become successful online. Giving them a whole strategy online and coaching them along the way.

After helping a few I saw how much value I brought them and how appreciative they were. I decided I really enjoyed this and that is why you are reading this page.

Let’s do something awesome together.

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